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RAB4004ARB: Motorola RAB4004ARB Low Band Antenna 42 – 50 MHz 1/4 Wave

May 3, 2017 $63.00 Visit Store Website

RAB4004ARB: The RAB4004ARB is a Motorola Original Low Band Antenna. The RAB4004ARB is a 42 – 50 MHz 1/4 Wave Base Loaded Antenna. The RAB4004ARB includes the Antenna and 17 foot RG58U/U cable with 3/4 inch brass mount connector. The signals for these antennas are radiated vertically making them ideal for urban environments where buildings might obstruct the signal. Compatible Radio Models: CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550, CDM1550 LS, CDM1550 LS+, M208/M216, MaxTrac, PM1200, PRO3100 Professional Radio Series, PRO5100 Professional Radio Series, PRO7100 Professional Radio Series, CM200, CM300, EM200, EM400, GM300, M10, M120, M130, M1225, M1225 LS, PM400, SM50, SM120, MOTOTRBO XPR 4300, MOTOTRBO XPR 4500, MOTOTRBO XPR 4550Compatible with: CDM750 Antennas CDM1250 Antennas CDM1550 Antennas CDM1550 LS Antennas CDM1550 LS+ Antennas M208/M216 Antennas MaxTrac Antennas PM1200 Antennas PRO3100 Professional Radio Series Antennas PRO5100 Professional Radio Series Antennas PRO7100 Professional Radio Series Antennas CM200 Antennas CM300 Antennas EM200 Antennas EM400 Antennas GM300 Antennas M10 Antennas M120 Antennas M130 Antennas M1225 Antennas M1225 LS Antennas PM400 Antennas SM50 Antennas SM120 Antennas MOTOTRBO™XPR™4300 Antennas MOTOTRBO™XPR™4500 Antennas MOTOTRBO™XPR™4550 Antennas

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